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As I have previously mentioned, each month I host a safety conference call.   We had approximately 130 people participate this week on the February call.    When I first started hosting these calls, all I would hear is myself talk – there was very little PARTICIPATION and dialogue.   We have come a long way – now we have a ton of PARTICIPATION and a lively conversation.   As I reflect upon how far we have come, it makes me proud to have changed the culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership in our safety program.

What is so rewarding are the results – through this change in culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership, we have created a pro-active environment where we are achieving positive results.    I am excited about where we are heading.   I will continue to encourage PARTICIPATION in our monthly calls – what will you do?

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Each month, I host a safety conference call with the leadership teams at each of our facilities.   We average between 110 and 130 people on the call.   I send out the agenda and related materials one week in advance of the meeting and encourage participation in the discussions.

Why is it we have the same few people PARTICIPATE each month?  Why do we have some people who have been on the call for over one year and have never said anything on the call?   The individuals who PARTICIPATE are the ones who are active in their safety programs and have very good safety records (as demonstrated by their incident rates, perception survey results, etc).

How do we get more people to PARTICIPATE?   I have tried to create an open, safe environment on these calls.   I purposely have not put anyone on the spot nor singled anyone out by asking their opinion.

I will continue to encourage people to PARTICIPATE  – What else do you suggest?

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