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I recently read an article that I find disturbing.   The Chemical Safety Board (CHB) has been making recommendations to OSHA relating to combustible dust that is falling on OSHA’S DEAF EARS.    Future tragedies in the United States can be avoided if OSHA acts on the CHB recommendations.   The article has a brief slideshow showing various real life tragedies that are the basis for the CHB recommendations.  Instead, these recommendations are falling on OSHA’S DEAF EARS!

When is OSHA going to become an organization that is meaningful to our modern day society?   OSHA has become a bureaucratic organization that has not kept up with the times.   It is obvious that our government struggles with running OSHA as it does with the post office, social security, medicare, etc. (this list is embarrassingly too long to name).   When are we going to make meaningful changes?

Future tragedies can be avoided if OSHA will act and not let recommendations from the CHB fall on OSHA’S DEAF EARS.   I am sending a letter to my congressman urging them to act.   What are you going to do?

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I recently read this news story about a Mississippi employer who was fined when an employee fell into an unguarded screw conveyor while cleaning the machine and was killed.    The OSHA investigation turned up 43 violations – 37 of them were serious.  The proposed penalty is $160,000.

When I read a story like this I am DISGUSTED in two ways.   First, I am DISGUSTED with the employer who did not provide a safe workplace and allowed for an employee to be killed.   This same employer that had 37 serious violations during the OSHA inspection!    Secondly, I am DISGUSTED with OSHA for their penalties.   OSHA needs to make their proposed fines  starting at $1 million for any workplace fatality.   This will force companies to take workplace safety seriously.

As employers, we shouldn’t be motivated by the fear of large fines to do the right thing.   We should always provide a safe working environment – it’s our responsibility.   We need to truly embrace the notion that it is unacceptable for anybody to get hurt, no matter how minor.   Every one of our employees should go home in the same shape that they came to work each day.

I am going to send a letter to OSHA this week and explain that I am DISGUSTED with the proposed fines for fatalities.   What are you going to do?

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I read an article this week where an employee was killed and OSHA fined the company $9,420 for three serious violations.   Really?  $9,420?  What’s going to change their behavior?  Certainly $9,420 is not going to change the behavior.   What’s worse is the owner of the building is refusing to pay the fine calling OSHA ““the BIGGEST BULLY there is”.   He further said “[OSHA’s] system is way broken. They need to fix their system before they try to fix mine.” Last time I looked I did not see an employee of OSHA killed!

It’s time that business owners step up and take responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions).   Businesses have the responsibility to provide a safe work environment.  No employee should be hurt on the job, no matter how minor.   I am NOT a big believer in governmental rules and regulations, nor am I a big believer that the government should tell anybody how to run their business, but I also take my responsibility to all employees very seriously.   I understand why the government, or more specifically OSHA, must establish rules and enforce such rules – it’s for the businesses who don’t care about their workers and don’t take responsibility for their actions.

I don’t know all of the circumstances around this accident other than what was explained in the article.   However, based upon the limited information that I did read, the owner of the business should go to jail and be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, not $9,420.   In this situation, the government needs to be the BIGGEST BULLY there is and set an example.  In my opinion, sometimes it’s OK to be the BIGGEST BULLY.

I support OSHA being “the BIGGEST BULLY there is”.   What about you?

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