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What is it that you FEAR?   I came across the following graphic that shows what people FEAR and what people should FEAR:

What Should You be Afraid of

As a society we FEAR murder when twice as many people die of suicide.  We FEAR children being abducted when twice as many drown in pools each year.   There are four times as many identity thefts as burglaries each year.   Why do we FEAR certain things?   Is it the media?  Is it that we FEAR the controllable vs the uncontrollable?   Everybody is different and forms opinions based upon their learning, experience, and beliefs.

As it relates to safety – how do we get people to FEAR being injured or killed and follow proper procedures?   How do we get people to look out for each other?   How do we change the mindset that “it will never happen to me?”  We do this the same way that people are no longer afraid of shark attacks – by learning, experience, and beliefs.

FEAR is not always a bad thing – I want every employee to FEAR being injured or killed.   I will train and educate to help instill this FEAR.  What about you?

STAY SAFE!     **  Jeff  **   214-215-2434

Every company is on a “SAFETY JOURNEY”.  Some companies are just beginning their journey and do not have a safety program in place, and some companies are considered world-class safety leaders and have exceptional safety programs.   I created the following INFOGRAPHIC to show the types of safety programs and relationship to safety performance results, safety culture and incident rates.

I am going to strive to have an exceptional safety program – what about you?

STAY SAFE!     **  Jeff  **   214-215-2434