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ENTHUSIASM is the fire that burns in the belly of our ambitions.  Without ENTHUSIASM our ambitions wilt into pale and lifeless wishes.  ENTHUSIASM and success go hand in hand, but ENTHUSIASM always comes first.  ENTHUSIASM inspires confidence, raises morale, and builds loyalty.   ENTHUSIASM is contagious. You can feel ENTHUSIASM by the way a person talks, walks or shakes hands.   ENTHUSIASM is a habit that one can acquire and practice.  ENTHUSIASM and desire are what change mediocrity to excellence.

Many decades ago, Charles Schwab, who was earning a salary of a million dollars a year, was asked if he was being paid such a high salary because of his exceptional ability to produce steel.   Charles Schwab replied, “I consider my ability to arouse ENTHUSIASM among the men the greatest asset I possess, and the way to develop the best is by appreciation and encouragement.”

“Nothing great is ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM.”  —Ralph Waldo Emerson (Essayist, lecturer, and poet)

“A mediocre idea that generates ENTHUSIASM will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” —Mary Kay Ash (Businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics)

“You can do anything if you have ENTHUSIASM.  ENTHUSIASM is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it there are only alibis.”   —Henry Ford (Industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company)

“I studied the lives of great men and famous women, and I found that the men and women who got to the top were those who did the jobs they had in hand, with everything they had of energy and ENTHUSIASM.” —Harry Truman (33rd President of the United States)

“If you do not feel ENTHUSIASM for what you are doing, it will show.” —Catherine Pulsifer (Author, inspirational speaker and editor)

“The real secret of success is ENTHUSIASM. Yes, more than ENTHUSIASM, I would say excitement. I like to see men get excited. When they get excited they make a success of their lives. ” —Walter Chrysler (founder of  the Chrysler Corporation)

“Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of ENTHUSIASM. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without ENTHUSIASM you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles.” —Og Mandino (Author of the bestselling book: The Greatest Salesman in the World)

I have ENTHUSIASM for safety – what about you?

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