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I read an article over the weekend which I completely support:  The State of GEORGIA is revoking unemployment benefits for failed drug tests.   Bravo Georgia!   Why not make it a Federal law for all government benefits and mandate each State to adopt such program?

A group of people are fighting the stance that Georgia is taking.  They claim that the unemployment benefits are meant to keep families afloat during times of economic hardship and the position that Georgia has taken is viewed as an unreasonable burden on budgets.   Isn’t using illegal drugs also an unreasonable burden on budgets?   Couldn’t the money used to purchase illegal drugs be used to keep their family afloat during times of economic hardship?

Georgia is not the first State to try this: “That logic also has been used to support drug tests for welfare recipients.  A similar law in Florida has for now been blocked by a federal judge who cited constitutional concerns.”

It looks like the State of Georgia has figured out how to make this work.   Individuals using drugs are making themselves ineligible and thus unavailable to work – one of the required terms for unemployment eligibility.

I applaud Georgia for taking a stance and doing something about a growing problem.   What stance are you going to take?

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