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The 2013 NFL season starts tomorrow.  Many people can’t wait for the season to start (myself included).   Safety is a lot like any of the teams in the NFL – you need practice, gameplans, leadership, teamwork, communication, protection, rules, PPE, etc to be successful.    If you are lacking any of theses items, you will not be successful.   Why aren’t we as excited about safety?

I want everyone as excited about safety as they are about the NFL – what do you think?

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This week I reflected upon the first quarter of 2013 and reviewed our Q1 safety record and data – WE DEFINITELY HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL GOING!    We have 34 facilities operating across the world in 6 countries.   When we started our safety journey our statistics were “average” as it relates to the data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.    We created a program that focuses on compliance, awareness, accountability, and participation that was very easy to use.   We dropped our TCIR (Total Case Incident Rate) from the mid 5’s to 1.0 for the first quarter of 2013.   That is in the zone of “World Class” being measured with DuPont, Alcoa and others that are very respected in the safety community.   Further, our North American workers compensation claims were less than $12k (paid and incurred) for the first quarter.   Before we started our current journey, our workers compensation claims exceeded $1.7 million dollars on an annual basis!

I am a firm believer that even one accident is too many.   Every employee should return home each and every day in the same condition in which they came to work.   We, as employers, have an obligation to provide a safe working environment.    I take this obligation very seriously.

I am very proud of where we have taken our safety program – WE DEFINITELY HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL GOING! – what about you?

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As I have previously mentioned, each month I host a safety conference call.   We had approximately 130 people participate this week on the February call.    When I first started hosting these calls, all I would hear is myself talk – there was very little PARTICIPATION and dialogue.   We have come a long way – now we have a ton of PARTICIPATION and a lively conversation.   As I reflect upon how far we have come, it makes me proud to have changed the culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership in our safety program.

What is so rewarding are the results – through this change in culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership, we have created a pro-active environment where we are achieving positive results.    I am excited about where we are heading.   I will continue to encourage PARTICIPATION in our monthly calls – what will you do?

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In business, just like in sports, you need to have the right team to accomplish your goals (like winning the championship or growing sales).   You can have the perfect individual on any team, but if they are not looking out for the team’s best interests and are solely focused on individual results, the team will not succeed.   How does this relate to safety?   You can have the safest employees that follow every safety rule, but if they are not proactive in identifying hazards, do not look out for their co-workers, and demand that their co-workers follow the rules, then an accident will happen and the team will fail.

How often does someone see a fellow employee break a safety rule and not do anything or say anything?  How many accidents can be avoided if they just said something?  This is the challenge that managers have everyday – creating a safety culture where employees want to be safe and want their co-workers to be safe – always!

As leaders, we need to understand why employees are reluctant in addressing co-workers.   Is it:

  • Fear?
  • Embarrassment?
  • Difficult?
  • Peer Pressure?
  • Easier Not to?
  • Perceived as Pointless?
  • That They Don’t Care?

NO – It’s that we allow employees not to be part of the team!  Take away excuses from employees who do not address their fellow employees when breaking a safety rule and challenge them to be part of the team.

The only way a championship is going to be won is through TEAMWORK.  The only way we are going to grow sales is through TEAMWORK.  The only way we are going to create a positive safety culture is through TEAMWORK.   If you are going to be on my team – you will be a team player!   What about your team?

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