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I was recently sent a link to a video that shows a DEMOLITION of a grain silo from a safety professional.   The title of the e-mail was “What’s Wrong With This Video?”.    This was no ordinary DEMOLITION – this was done by one individual with a single sledge hammer.   However, there was a second individual on site (just in case the first individual was injured or got tired) , he filmed the whole DEMOLITION!     All I have to say is wow – what were they thinking?    Fortunately, nobody was hurt during this particular incident.   How often do you say “what were they thinking?” when you are conducting an accident investigation, near miss investigation, or reading about somebody being injured or killed?

As leaders, we have an obligation to provide a safe work environment.   We have a responsibility to train and educate our employees, to provide engineering controls (guards) on machinery, and to remove workplace hazards.   What we can’t control are the individuals that choose to ignore their training, by-pass guarding, etc.   Obviously if we catch these individuals “breaking the rules”, we need to immediately let them know that such behavior is unacceptable and discipline them (possibly terminate them).    By not acting on such actions, we are sending a message that it is OK to continue – is that the message that you want to send?

As I watch this DEMOLITION video, all I keep thinking about is what could have happened.   These gentlemen were extremely lucky.  Because nobody got hurt , they will probably do something like this again.   Perhaps they will once again get lucky next time, but sooner or later their luck will run out.   I am going to use this video to train employees in the next month and talk about being lucky – what are you going to do?   (Here is the link to this video).

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As I have previously mentioned, each month I host a safety conference call.   We had approximately 130 people participate this week on the February call.    When I first started hosting these calls, all I would hear is myself talk – there was very little PARTICIPATION and dialogue.   We have come a long way – now we have a ton of PARTICIPATION and a lively conversation.   As I reflect upon how far we have come, it makes me proud to have changed the culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership in our safety program.

What is so rewarding are the results – through this change in culture, involvement,  PARTICIPATION and ownership, we have created a pro-active environment where we are achieving positive results.    I am excited about where we are heading.   I will continue to encourage PARTICIPATION in our monthly calls – what will you do?

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The story of the week was the epic blizzard which hit the Northeast on Friday evening into Saturday morning.   Over the weekend, I had a discussion about one of the sub-stories related to the storm:  a child who was killed by CARBON MONOXIDE poising.    The facts and details related to the story at the time of my discussion were very limited.   The only thing initially reported was that a child was killed in a running car while the father dug out his vehicle and cleared his driveway.

Let’s assume that the father and son were home alone and had somewhere that they absolutely had to be.   Let’s also assume that the child was 3 or 4 years old.    The father could have left the child inside the home unattended while he dug out his vehicle and cleared his driveway.   The father could have placed the child inside the vehicle and left it running for warmth while he dug out his vehicle and cleared his driveway.   The third option was to place the child inside the sub-freezing car (without it running) while he dug out his vehicle and cleared his driveway.   Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and the proper decision was NOT to place the child in the car while it was running.   I would be willing to bet that a majority of people would have done exactly what this father did and placed the child in the car and left it running so the child would stay warm.   Little did he know that the car would fill with the deadly CARBON MONOXIDE and kill the child.   Not only does the father has to live with his son being killed, he has to live with being responsible for the death of his son – something that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

CARBON MONOXIDE is also known as the silent killer.   Wikipedia describes it as a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly lighter than air.   Only a little concentration can affect the human body.   Here is a table of  CARBON MONOXIDE concentrations and the related symptoms:


Here is a link to a toolkit that can be used to heighten awareness about CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning.   Please make sure that you, your family, your employees, their families and others, are well educated about the silent killer –  CARBON MONOXIDE.   I will share the story about the father and son to discuss the dangers of  CARBON MONOXIDE – what will you do ?

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I had a conversation this week with a Workers Compensation Insurance Representative and an Insurance Broker regarding safety and accidents.   Both of these individuals have 25+ years of experience in occupational safety – therefore I consider them EXPERTS.   It was interesting to hear their perspective on accidents, culture, and various safety programs.   The one thing that was loud and clear from my conversation with the EXPERTS – you must involve your employees.

When you involve employees in your safety program you create ownership, buy-in and participation.    These items lead to a positive safety culture where employees do the right thing even when nobody is watching and employees look out for one another.   Isn’t that what we are trying to achieve?   All it takes is involvement – just ask the EXPERTS.

I will continue to involve all employees in safety – what will you do ?

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