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I recently had a discussion with another safety individual over safety perceptions.   This individual cited an article which discussed the five most dangerous safety perceptions that an organization can have.  Here are these perceptions:

  • Zero accidents – It’s not possible
  • Safety excellence is “Not getting hurt”
  • Safety is not my job
  • It wont happen to me
  • We are already good

I am of the opinion that you must find the root cause of these perceptions in order to solve the perception problem.   In my opinion, these perceptions are caused by a lack of leadership, a lack of a proper safety culture, and a lack of a systematic approach to safety.

Every organization must have a ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM in order to succeed.   A ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM is not a well-written thick binder that sits on the shelf collecting dust.   It’s not a series of super technical documents that nobody can understand.   A ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM is a fully supported system that incorporates rules, regulations and guidelines with training/education and creates a participatory ownership environment.   When you have this – you have created a ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM.  This program has proper leadership, culture and a systematic approach to safety.

When you achieve the ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM – employees will believe that zero accidents is possible.   They will believe that we can always improve and get better.  They will embrace safety and understand that safety is everybody’s job.  In a ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM every employee knows that they are vulnerable and anybody can get hurt, they know that safety excellence is way beyond not getting hurt – it is creating a culture that eliminates hazards and employees are looking out for one another.

I will continue to create a ROBUST SAFETY PROGRAM that will eliminate the dangerous safety perceptions – what will you do ?

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What is it that you FEAR?   I came across the following graphic that shows what people FEAR and what people should FEAR:

What Should You be Afraid of

As a society we FEAR murder when twice as many people die of suicide.  We FEAR children being abducted when twice as many drown in pools each year.   There are four times as many identity thefts as burglaries each year.   Why do we FEAR certain things?   Is it the media?  Is it that we FEAR the controllable vs the uncontrollable?   Everybody is different and forms opinions based upon their learning, experience, and beliefs.

As it relates to safety – how do we get people to FEAR being injured or killed and follow proper procedures?   How do we get people to look out for each other?   How do we change the mindset that “it will never happen to me?”  We do this the same way that people are no longer afraid of shark attacks – by learning, experience, and beliefs.

FEAR is not always a bad thing – I want every employee to FEAR being injured or killed.   I will train and educate to help instill this FEAR.  What about you?

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In terms of safety, most managers/supervisors have a distinct style that can be classified as either a COP or a COACH.   The COP is one that enforces all rules, everything is black and white, discipline any incident, etc.   The COACH is one that is not an active participant in the game but rather one on the sidelines not getting dirty.  As long as nobody gets hurt – the COACH is happy.   Which of these styles is better?   Which of these styles work?

In my opinion, the most effective leader is both a COP and a COACH – you can be both and be very effective.    When it comes to laws, regulations, company rules, etc – the effective leader needs to be a COP.  If an employee is breaking the law – they need to be disciplined.   The effective leader needs to be consistent, fair, and practical when wearing the COP hat.   For instance, someone who blatantly breaks the LOTO regulation – needs to be terminated.   They should not be terminated only if they get hurt or hurt someone else.   It should not matter whether or not someone gets hurt – thus is a serious violation and the consequence is immediate termination.   Further, the person who breaks the rule should not matter – if it is an entry lever person, a seasoned veteran, or your best friend – the consequences must still be the same – immediate termination.    When it comes to culture – the effective leader needs to be a COACH.   The leader needs to train, educate, motivate, encourage the workforce in terms of safety just like a COACH would a sports team.   The leader needs to be active in building culture – just willing that a positive culture happens will not build culture.  The COACH must embrace the training, celebrate successes, learn from failures, and prepare and train for the next match.

It is a difficult task to be both a COP and a COACH – it takes a dedicated effort.     I will continue to encourage all leaders to be both a COP and a COACH – what will you do?

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I recently read an article about OLIVE OIL that was published by the University of California – Davis.   I find the results of this study very disturbing.  Most disturbing is the fact that the standards are “voluntary” and not regulated. As such, a large portion of the samples tested failed the scientific ISO testing.    Over 1/3 of the oils tested were “adulterated with inexpensive canola oil”.   Really?  When we buy OLIVE OIL we are really getting  OLIVE OIL mixed with canola oil in many cases?    The scientists also classified one sample as “not fit for human consumption”.  Really?  The sample that was sold as OLIVE OIL is really lamp oil?

When are companies going to take responsibility into the products that they place into our food chain?   When is our government going to force accountability?  What is it going to take to for better regulation that protect consumers? Don’t get me wrong – I am not in favor of a large government and bureaucracy, but I am definitely in favor of safety. In particular – safety to someone who thinks they are buying something but really receiving something that is “not fit for human consumption”.

I will review the list from the article before I purchase my next bottle of OLIVE OIL to ensure that I purchase a brand from a company that is responsible and offers a product that is pure – what will you do?

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HAPPY NEW YEAR – Let’s make 2013 the safest year ever!

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