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I host a safety call each month for the manufacturing leadership teams at each of our facilities in North America.   We had our November call two weeks ago with 140 people on the call.   We use this monthly call to build our safety culture and reinforce certain safety items.   An activity that we have performed over the past three years is to develop a safety calendar for the upcoming year.   We asked each facility to submit artwork from their employees and their families that will be used in the calendar.   We kicked off this in August and have the artwork due in October (three months).   In addition to the three monthly meetings that occur during this period, I sent out two e-mail reminders to each facility leader.

We have some facilities that have a great participation percentage and we have some that did not participate.   On our November call, I asked the facilities that did not participate why they didn’t participate?   The first facility leader spoke up and said that from August through October they were busy and didn’t have TIME.   The second facility leader piped in and said that was the same for their facility and that we should kick off the 2014 calendar earlier in the year, they too didn’t have TIME.   A third facility leader added that they were busy and also didn’t have TIME.    I immediately said “OK – for 2014 start in March!”  You could hear a pin drop at this point.   Everyone on the call understood – these three facilities just threw out a lame excuse and I called them on it!  I was/am extremely upset and disappointed.

Another interesting item about the facilities that didn’t participate and didn’t have TIME – they account for a vast majority of our accidents over the past year!   It does not take a rocket scientist to see this correlation:  These facilities don’t embrace our safety program and are incurring a majority of the accidents.

I have let two weeks go by since this incident because it upset me so much.   I will call each of the facility leaders that didn’t make TIME and let them know how disappointed I am in them.   I will further point out the correlation between embracing our safety program and accidents.    What would you do in this situation?

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Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING.  Enjoy your day and your family!   Please be sure you are safe!

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I was at manufacturing site this week that I have written about before – the facility in Colorado that “gets it”.   I had a lunch meeting with their manufacturing leadership team and congratulated them on their safety efforts.   I also asked: “How can we make our safety program better?”  The team had two main items:   First, they would like to have a peer to peer safety audit – have the leadership team from another facility that is not familiar with their operation perform a meaningful safety audit.  They admit that they don’t always “see the forest for the trees”.   Second, they would like to obtain OSHA VPP status.   They want to be the first facility within our company that has obtained this honor and would also be the first window manufacturing company in Colorado to fly the OSHA VPP flag.  I completely support both of these initiatives!

I can make the peer to peer review happen very quickly.   I will select another facility that “gets it” and arrange the visit.   Obtaining OSHA VPP status will take a little longer.   I have asked the facility leader to provide an overview and timeline (what I call a road map) on obtaining OSHA VPP status.  From everything that I have read on the subject, this will take one to two years to obtain.   The certification will take some serious effort by the leadership team and require a dedication of time and resources.

You will never finish the race until you take the first step.   I am excited to support this facility on their journey to OSHA VPP certification.   What will you do to raise the bar?

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As you are aware, yesterday was ELECTION day in the United States.   What does this have to do with workplace safety you might ask?   The people in the States of Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana – this has plenty to do with workplace safety.  Companies need to ensure that their work rules are updated prohibiting employees from using marijuana, just like alcohol.   Obviously, legalization and/or relaxed restrictions is the new trend in our society.   In the safety world, we must not stick our head in the sand and ignore this trend.  We must accept it and ensure we have programs in place to ensure the safety of our employees.   We have an obligation to provide a safe workplace and it is unacceptable for any employee to be injured on the job, no matter how minor it may be.

Whatever changes are made because of the ELECTION, I chose to accept that our society is evolving and I will protect our employees – What will you do?

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