Posted: April 4, 2012 in Safety Culture, Teamwork
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In business, just like in sports, you need to have the right team to accomplish your goals (like winning the championship or growing sales).   You can have the perfect individual on any team, but if they are not looking out for the team’s best interests and are solely focused on individual results, the team will not succeed.   How does this relate to safety?   You can have the safest employees that follow every safety rule, but if they are not proactive in identifying hazards, do not look out for their co-workers, and demand that their co-workers follow the rules, then an accident will happen and the team will fail.

How often does someone see a fellow employee break a safety rule and not do anything or say anything?  How many accidents can be avoided if they just said something?  This is the challenge that managers have everyday – creating a safety culture where employees want to be safe and want their co-workers to be safe – always!

As leaders, we need to understand why employees are reluctant in addressing co-workers.   Is it:

  • Fear?
  • Embarrassment?
  • Difficult?
  • Peer Pressure?
  • Easier Not to?
  • Perceived as Pointless?
  • That They Don’t Care?

NO – It’s that we allow employees not to be part of the team!  Take away excuses from employees who do not address their fellow employees when breaking a safety rule and challenge them to be part of the team.

The only way a championship is going to be won is through TEAMWORK.  The only way we are going to grow sales is through TEAMWORK.  The only way we are going to create a positive safety culture is through TEAMWORK.   If you are going to be on my team – you will be a team player!   What about your team?

STAY SAFE!     **  Jeff  **   214-215-2434

  1. QarizMma Yander says:

    So the importance of workplace safety should never be undervalued. For any industry, fire… Abide by building regulations – rules and regulations are created …securitatea muncii

  2. parksway says:

    Karl Malone would have to agree. Ask him if he would rather have won a NBA Championship or the MVP twice or 14 All-Star appearances. He would tell you a Championship. He just didn’t have the right team to get it done. Teamwork!

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