Posted: March 14, 2012 in Distraction Free, Safety Culture
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DISTRACTIONS, DISTRACTIONS……DISTRACTIONS!   Life today is full of distractions.  Most people have a variety of “electronic gadgets” such as cell phones, smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, GPS, etc, etc……   This is creating an environment of “distracted living”, “distracted driving”, and of “distracted working”.

In a recent USA Today article, drivers do not need much to be distracted.   This article was a result of a recent study conducted by MIT.  Now take this theory one step further – to the workplace.    Can you imagine allowing someone to drive a forklift while using a cell phone?   Can you imagine allowing someone to operate a piece of machinery while using a cell phone?   No way!   Companies need to ensure that they have a distraction free workplace which forbids the use of cell phones and other electronic gadgets while working.

As a leader, don’t you want to create the safest workplace possible?   It is your responsibility to prevent accidents.   I am going to educate and reinforce a “distraction free” workplace – what are you going to do?

STAY SAFE!     **  Jeff  **   214-215-2434

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