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“SAFETY COP” –  I am not a safety cop…I am not a safety cop…I refuse to be a safety cop!  If I wanted to be a safety cop, I would work for a government regulatory agency that performs workplace inspections.  If I’m not a safety cop, then what am I?

I am extremely passionate about safety.  I am a firm believer that we have an obligation to provide a safe work environment and I take this obligation very seriously.  No worker, at my company or any other company, should be injured on the job.  I also believe that every workplace accident is completely preventable.

Every day in the United States 16 people are killed in industrial accidents and over 8,000 workers suffer disabling injuries.   I find these statistics extremely disturbing.   Do we need more safety cops to reduce these numbers?     NO – we need more leadership, ownership, accountability and responsibility!   We need to change the mindset that “accidents will happen”,  “safety is just a cost”,  or “productivity first”.   We need to create workplace environments where hazards are proactively identified and corrected, environments where employees are properly trained, environments where employees are engaged in safety, and environments where a positive safety culture exists.   Is this possible?    YES – I have done it.   If you can do it once, you can do it a thousand million times!   That is how we are going to reduce the statistics – not by having more safety cops!

If I refuse to be a safety cop, then what am I?   I am committed to create a world class safety system that protects workers so they can go home to their families each and every day without an injury.   I am committed in providing tools and resources to positively change the safety culture.   I am dedicated to remove barriers that get in the way of safety.  That’s what I am – what are you?

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“SAFETY CULTURE” – You hear it, you read it, you say it…..but what does it really mean?   If you do a Google search on safety culture, you come up with 228 million results.   I am going to take the next few minutes to explain safety culture (in my terms) and save you thousands of hours having to read the 228 million Google articles.

Safety Culture is the action, perception, attitude, and belief that employees have regarding safety.   It is how employees act when nobody is watching.   Do they still follow the rules?   Do they look out for their co-workers?   Do they proactively identify and prevent hazards?  Do they feel that their co-workers do the same?

I have learned that creating an outstanding safety culture is not an easy task.   There are three essential elements that must be present in building a positive safety culture:  Leadership, Trust, and Knowledge.

LEADERSHIP – There have been hundreds of studies since the 1960’s which support what I will call the “2-6-2” rule:  In any group of 10 people – you will always have 2 that resist you, 2 that support you and 6 in the middle.   In being a leader – it’s the six in the middle that you have to influence.   If you don’t get the 6 in the middle to go with you – you haven’t succeeded in being a leader.   I have never seen anyone truly influence the 6 in the middle with a baseball bat!

TRUST – If your employees do not trust you, there is no way they are going to follow your rules (especially when you are not looking), they will not look out for you, or go the extra mile for you.   Remember – you EARN trust!

KNOWLEDGE – Your employees only know what they know (or they don’t know what they don’t know).   It is your job to teach and educate them.   Education is ongoing and should never end.

The sooner you start to practice these three essential elements, the sooner you will be on your way to building a positive safety culture.   A positive safety culture is a fundamental element in the foundation of a world-class safety program.

STAY SAFE!    **  Jeff  **   214-215-2434